Friday, June 14, 2013

Juneathon: Day 13

This week I had a major breakthrough in my workouts.  I actually hit all of my workouts in my training plan!  I have seriously struggled with inconsistency the entire time I started running.  I hired a running coach and my plan started 3 weeks ago, but even the first 2 weeks I missed workouts.  However, this week I did not.  It helped a lot that I am off work right now and have a lot of time on my hands if something gets in the way, but I'm also tired of skipping workouts and being disappointed when I don't do all I can.  I know what it's like to run a marathon when you're not ready.  I don't want to do that again.  I want to get to Chicago knowing I did everything that I could to prepare.  Even though I missed a few workouts my first 2 weeks I can still get back on track.  I have 17 weeks left until the infamous 26.2!  Also, there is a lot more variety in my training plan, which helps tremendously.  I was bored with just straight running.  Now I have speed work, biking and swimming.

Yesterday I did a 2.5 mile run with a mile worth of fartlek training.  There was a major storm that came through right before I was supposed to run, but thankfully it cleared quick.  My running buddy also canceled on me, so it was a prime situation to call it quits and skip out on my workout.  But, I kept telling myself to just get out there and do it even if I didn't want to.  So, I went out on the W&OD trail and did my 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile of fartleks where I tried to sprint every other electric pole, which are ever a 10th of a mile apart, and then I did my half mile cool down.  I ran a few sprints in a 7 and 8 minute pace so that was cool.  If I want to qualify for Boston I'll have to maintain an 8 minute pace.  I have A LOT of work before that every happens, but if I can do it just for a little sprint then there's hope yet :)  It was a great run.  There was almost no one on the trail.  I left my music at home in case it rained and just enjoyed being outside.  It was very humid and hot, which was the only downside, but I'm so happy I got it done.

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