Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Juneathon: Day 11 & 12

Day 11:
Even though I've been good about doing something active each day, it's not always easy to get to my computer and I wasn't in the mood to blog from my phone last night.  It's just too limited.  Anyway, yesterday I went out and did my schedule training run, which consisted of a 1 mile tempo run and a total of 2.5 miles with the warmup and cool down.  My program builds up mileage for 3 weeks and then there's a rest and recovery week where the miles drop back down.  I'm on a R&R week and I like it!  I got out the door yesterday around 8:30ish and it was already so hot!  I got what I needed done and was seconds off my goal tempo pace.  I ran in an new area that was not flat so it was a good workout nonetheless.  I missed the ab challenge again though!  If I forget to do it right away, which happens frequently because I'm sweaty and craving a shower then I tend to forget about it as I carry on with my day.

Day 12:
Today was a rest day on my training plan, but my coach gave me permission to go for a swim.  I haven't swam in a pool or for any real length of time in years.  I'm doing a triathlon on Saturday where there is a short swim portion (200 meters) and I thought it might be a good idea to do some laps first.  I bought some nice googles, Aqua Sphere, at Dick's Sporting Goods on my way and then hit my gym, LA Fitness, for some laps.  I needed to do at least 8 laps to simulate the distance I'll be doing on Saturday, but I ended up doing 32 laps for a distance of 800 meters.  It was definitely a workout, but I liked it.  I mainly did the breast stroke because I'm really bad at free style.  I've never liked that stroke, but I'm going to need to improve it if I want to really delve into triathlons.  After I got home I did my ab challenge workout.  It was a rest day, but since I missed yesterday I did yesterdays abs.  It was 55 sit-ups, 65 crunches, 33 leg raises and a 42 second plank.  I might have cheated a little on the sit-ups and leg raises.  Haha, it's getting hard!

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