Monday, January 21, 2013

Janathon Day 21

Today I made it out for my 3 mile run and managed to also get in 180 situps.  Today is also the last day of the 21-day No Junk Food Challenge.  I had my mishaps, but I'm going to continue to try the challenge.  This week I started my 7 day cleanse.  I'm on day 3 and feeling pretty good.  I spent yesterday and today cooking some meals  so I can just re-heat throughout the week.  I'll probably have to cook a few things again on Thursday night, but I can handle that.  Anyway, below is my read out of my run.  I did some walking because my legs were sore from my 11 mile run, but I also added in some fartleks for miles 2 and 3 to make up for the walking.  All in all, I was fairly happy with the run.  And, only 10 more days of daily blogging.  I can't wait to move this to a weekly update.  I feel like I'm getting boring.

Tired Legs by Amy_Bell at Garmin Connect - Details

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