Sunday, January 20, 2013

Janathon Day 20

I signed up to do another challenge involving sit-ups.  You have to do 1250 in one week, which is 179 a day.  Today I did 180 sit-ups.  I could definitely feel it toward the end and had to take a break, but the rest of me is sore from my 11-miler yesterday that my abs don't even notice they did any work today.  I'm sure after a day or two though, they'll start to feel it.  Let's just hope that this is one challenge I'll be good at.  The no junk food and Janathon challenges have proved to be difficult.

Today also marks the beginning of my 7 day cleanse.  I've been trying to pre-cleanse and eat better the last 2 weeks and this week there will be absolutely no eating out and barely any carbs.  I will be eating a lot of healthy food and there's no starvation involved.  I've already pre-cooked many of my meals and have a few more to take care of tomorrow, so I think this will be a good week.  I'm also taking multi-vitamins and using essential oils and hope this will help me get on and stay on the healthy track :)  The food so far is tasty!

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