Saturday, January 19, 2013

Janathon Day 19

I managed to get my 11 miles into today.  I would post my Garmin details, but my battery died early so I didn't have the full read out.  It felt pretty good.    I ran on the W& OD Trail, one of my favorite places to run.  I used 2 my Nathan belt and drank 20 oz. of water throughout the run.  I wish I had a little more toward the end, and I could've filled up at Smith's Switch Station, but at that point I had a mile and half and didn't feel like stopping.  When I'm doing longer runs I'll use my camelbak hydration pack, but it can be a little heavy in the beginning, especially if you fill it all the way.  I love it though because I don't ever have to worry about running out of water.  That one holds 100 oz. of water and has awesome side pockets.

During the run I used a gu pack at miles 4 and miles 8.  I started at mile marker 24.5, ran to 30 and then back.  I swear it feels like slight uphill both ways, but I'm sure that can't be.  I love running on the W&OD trail because of the mile markers every half mile.  It's easy to track progress, and the electric poles that run along the trail about every 10th of a mile make it easy to have mini goals.  If I'm tired and want to walk, I'll tell myself to only walk to the next pole or something like that.  Plus, I always see random animals and love the bikers and fellow runners.

After the workout I decided to not do the yoga.  I'll just get that in tomorrow.  One shower is enough today :)

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