Friday, June 11, 2010

School's almost out...let the travels begin!

There are 5 more days with kids, 4 more days of work after that (2 workdays, 2 training days) and then I'm off to Europe. Here's the more or less solid travel schedule:

June 25th - July 1 = Paris, France...maybe a night or 2 in London
July 1 - July4/5 = Frankfurt, Germany
July 5 - July 8 = Budapest, Hungary
July 9 - Fly home and then drive to Fayetteville, WV to get my sister
July 10 - July 17 = Myrtle Beach (family reunion)
July 17 - July 21 = Fayetteville, WV
July 24 - July 31 = Buenos Aires, Argentina
July 31 - August 7 = Tour Peru
August 7 - August 17 = Humanitarian work in Altiplano, Bolivia
August 17-August 24 = Relax a little before work starts :)

It's a lot of traveling, but I'm super excited. I've been super behind on my blogging this year so my goal before I leave (and after my GMU classes end next week) is to catch up on my travels and update my blog. It will probably be mostly a photo journal of my trips since some of them are so long ago I might not remember all the stories! I have to say, teaching can be challenging, but the summers off is the absolute best part of the job!! I can't wait to get my travel on :)

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