Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh, what the hell...why not post something?

Picture = Machu Picchu, Peru. I guess it's probably lame to start my blogs lately with the same old sob story, but I really am swamped with school and work that it is hard to find time to blog. The summer I was traveling all around and I put blogging in the back seat. I'm trying to make it a habit again, but I feel so behind on my travel adventure stories that I don't even know where to begin. Last summer I had incredible journeys to France, Hungary, Myrtle Beach, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia. It was awesome! I was barely home and when I was, I was running around getting things ready for my next trip. When I came back from my travels, work and classes started. I must love torture because I decided to teach 6th grade U.S. History, which was a new curriculum for me and a lot more work since I had nothing prepared like I did last year when I taught Civics again, I also took on 4 graduate classes, coach a step team and dance in a Polynesian group 2 times a week. I have no time to myself, but I brought it upon myself and even though I miss my friends these days, I'm getting more done then I ever thought possible and am amazed at how much more you can do when you have less time to do it.

Anyway, I don't want to ramble about my life right now, but I do want to include a list of some things I can now check of my bucket list...the amazing thing is I didn't even know most of these were on my list until they happened. Maybe this list will pique your interest of my travels until I can catch up on blogging over the holidays. By the way, the picture is me and some of the local boys in Bolivia the day I arrived to their village for a humanitarian project...when I was still clean and showered :)

The South American Bucket List
1. Slept in a homeless shelter in Peru - √
2. Peed in a squatter hole - √
3. Picked up trash from the side of the road - √
4. Pulled a tooth (with the assistance of a dentist) from a dental patient - √
5. Caught and held a chicken - √
6. Picked up dung from a field for a fuel pile (with gloves of course) - √
7. Jumped in Lake Titicaca, about 40 degrees (cold!!), and the highest lake in the world - √
8. Rode down the world's most dangerous road on a mountain bike - √

The tooth pulling...

The dung pile...ick!

The lake jump...I just wanted to get out, it was so cold I could hardly breath!

The chicken I caught...

Mountain biking...

Is your interest piqued?

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