Friday, March 26, 2010

Yes, I'm alive!

Hey fellow bloggers. It's amazing how much time you lose when you go to school and work full-time. I'm loving my PhD program, but it takes up so much time. I'm not complaining, but just wanted to mention it because that's why I don't blog much anymore. This evening starts my spring break for my teaching job...unfortunately my univerisity spring break did not match up so I will be missing a couple classes as I head down to Jamaica!

I fly out tonight and have an over night lay over in Dallas and then I arrive in Montego Bay, Jamaica tomorrow afternoon. I know the layover thing is weird, but the way the flights worked I would've had to pay more to leave tomorrow and wouldn't have arrived until tomorrow night so this worked out. I can't wait to get there and lay out by the beach. One of my classmates is getting married at Hotel Riu and a few of my classmates will be there. We're a tight knit group now that we see each other so much!

I will be bringing my computer so hopefully on my down time (by the pool) I can post a blog or two. I have a lot of entries to catch up on. I didn't ever really post on my awesome summer travels from 2009 and I need to do that before I have new adventures this summer. I hope you are all well. To end on a good note, my first submission to present at a conference was accepted. I'll be presenting a paper I wrote on education policy initiatives in the Polynesian Islands :) Have a great spring break!

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