Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Woman's Worth

This is a post a did a while ago on my old blog but thought I should add it to this one...

What is a woman's worth? This is something I have been talking about with a friend of mine lately and I ended up teaching a lesson in church about it. What is our worth and purpose? If I look back into my own life and my observations of other woman, I think we don't realize who we are and in turn allow ourselves to be mistreated. I know I have let far too many men treat me poorly and I realized that it's not the men that are the's me! I have allowed these lame guys into my life and for what? I have a lot to offer and there is no reason to settle or allow myself to be treated bad. I was never trying to settle before, which is why I'm still single, but I haven't always dated the highest quality guys before either. This is something I would like to change. It might result in less dates but I'm okay with that because I didn't get it until's not quantity but quality.

I still haven't answered my intial question. What is a woman's worth? If you've ever seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the main character's mother tells her that "the man is the head but the woman is the neck and she can move the head which ever direction she wants." That is an awesome statement. Women are strong and we have a lot more influence in the world than we give ourselves credit for. If we could all realize our strengths and use them in a positive way we could do so much. We could even change men for the better...this is only contigent on us recognizing our own personal worth and having confidence in ourselves as women. It's a beautiful thing to be a woman.

I've always heard, you can't change men. This is true in the sense that our sole purpose should not be to change men. If it is then we will be frustrated and men will be annoyed and want to walk away. However, if we change the way we carry ourselves, the way we are around men and change what we expect out of them then they will have to change to be around us. We can't let men take advantage of women. Men will naturally change in a positive way if we are different, not because we are making them but because they will have to if they want to meet our standards and expectations. Our standards should be high and if a man is not willing to come to your level then who cares, someone else will come along and be willing to work for it. As more women raise their standards, the more men will rise to meet the challenge. Men don't want to be with easy women, they want to work for it. I know that because many of my guy friends have told me and my girl friends that have awesome guys made them work for it!

I've always had a theory that the world would be a much better place if women ran it. Although I still think that's true, our roles might be best if we stay in the shadows and use our influence in a different turning the neck :) We do have an influence in the world and on men. More of us, including me, need to use our influence in a positive way. This is a very random blog but us women are awesome and more of us need to realize just how true that is!!

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