Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I've learned, yet again, that when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Since I'm always a little vague about my love life on my blog, there's no need to give details, except to say that I'm single and I'm happy about it. It's a great thing to be a 20-something single girl in the world. I mean, if I was pinned down, I wouldn't be able to travel, go to school and follow all the dreams I set for myself. No complaints here. I'm sure if I was willing to compromise my dreams I would be married right now but I'm not ready to do that just yet. I'll still hold on to the dream that I can accomplish my dreams and have a guy that let's me do it. If not, then I might change but for now...let the adventures continue!! Life is beautiful :)

The countdown has started. My next adventure starts on May 24th in Costa Rica where I will spend two months immersing myself in latin culture so I can finally learn Spanish! Stay tuned for pictures and fun stories!!


Travelin' Tracy said...

I am super excited for you to go to Costa Rica...that is going to be so much fun!

Just think, when you get home I will almost be all packed and ready to leave myself.

The Soptich clan said...

Costa Rica?! Jealous! You will have so much fun. My only golden opportunity to travel this summer would've been to Laie in August when my little brother starts school at BYUH, but I'll be 36 weeks and they WONT let me fly!!!! So you just keep living the dream lady!

Munky said...

Not all guys are as great as me. :)
You better come and visit us when we are in Kosovo(a). Have fun in Costa Rica. My advice is to hang out at the beach and get in good with the surfers. Surfers are like climbers-they live for the ride. Just throw in a brah, sick, gnarly, and dude when flirting with them and you should have no problems.