Sunday, May 25, 2008


Even though I'm already here, I thought I'd add some of the pictures my friend took while I was packing...I've never been known to be a light packer, so why should this time be any different. I brought two suitcases, a big hikers backpack, a laptop and pillow. It was heavy carrying half the stuff through the airport but I'm not trying to rough it on this trip so no worries.

Aside from the expected items (clothes, toiletries, etc.), I did make sure to read up on Costa Rica and bring the recommended items. I read that many public restrooms in CR don't have toilet paper so I was sure to stock up on some travel cases of it for the trip. That could be bad!! Also, for the ladies, I read that in CR you can't find tampons easily (sorry boys), so if you know you'll need them, bring them along. It never hurts to be safe rather than sorry later. For my weekend trips I plan to go to beaches and tourist spots so I didn't really see a need to bring too much extra things. However, you will want to bring an umbrella if you're coming here...supposedly in the rainy season, which we're in now, it rains everyday.

My favorite part of packing was my little kitty, Benny (notice him in the picture). Cats are very interesting creatures and they are so curious. I grew up with dogs so whenever the cats do their thing, it always makes me laugh because they are so cute. I'm going to miss my babies!

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