Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Departure & Cell Phone Separation...AHH!

As usual, it wouldn't be a real trip for me if I didn't wait until the last minute to finish packing! Although, this time I gathered everything I needed throughout the week, I waited until last night to get everything together. It shouldn't have taken me as long as it did but I was way over my weight limits and had to cut down, no surprise there, I tend to overpack! I am going for two months so bringing big bottles of shampoo and conditioner, hair stuff and other things that will last me two months added up the weight. Anyway, I was up most of the night packing and was able to go to sleep at 12:30am...normally I'm finishing up right around the time I need to leave for the airport so that was a vast improvement.

My flight left DC at 5:10am so I had to be at the airport around 3:30am. I checked in online before I went to sleep, which saved loads of time. I got to bypass the large TACA line that was already formed, give them my bags and go to security, which at 3:45am is pretty dead. My friend works for TSA and has the early shift so he came and met me at my gate and kept me company while I waited, it was a nice change to have someone I know with me. Normally I fly alone and I'm a bit anti-social at airports and keep to myself so it was fun to having someone to laugh with. My friend left me and I gave him my's really of no use to me in Costa Rica since it doesn't even work at all. Plus, if it did I wouldn't want to rack up my phone bill when I miss people and want to talk.

If you know me well, you know I almost always have my cell phone with me, except at work and that's only because it doesn't work in the building. I'm super attached to my phone, I'm like the the chick in the cartoon above with my phone. As soon as my friend walked away with my phone and said goodbye I had some serious cell phone separation anxiety going on. Then, I started to feel nervous about my trip and how I'm going to some foreign country alone, where I don't know anyone. I didn't feel too good on the flight. Luckily, I was able to sleep most of the flight down from my lack of sleep the night before. I usually stay up on purpose for that very reason. Who wants to be bored on a plane for 6 hours when you can just sleep through it and wake up at your destination. That's how I roll! But, I'm here in San Jose already and things are good. I'll give more details and stories later but for now, necesito una siesta (I need a nap). I'm just super thankful my host family has wireless internet or I might have had a technology separation breakdown!

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