Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Early Birthday!

My birthday is not for 7 more days but I got an early birthday present I wanted to brag about on my blog. I'm also going to be in Costa Rica for the big day so I'm getting all my presents early this year. I wanted two things for my birthday, a new camera and a traveller's backpack for people that backpack through the world. I didn't really need either because I have a digital camera and I'm not backpacking anywhere until next year. However, the camera I have is nice but for the amount of traveling I do, I wanted something that had more features and could capture pictures like how I see them in real life. Plus, my camera is two years old and there's always new things coming out, I like to keep up with the that so wrong? I wanted the backpack to use while I go on my weekend trips to Costa Rica, and I thought it might be nice to get it now since I plan to backpack Europe next summer.

The backpack problem was solved when my sister's boyfriend let me borrow one of his packs. It's the perfect size for what I'll need it for (3 day weekend treks through CR). I put aside the idea of a new camera because I didn't think anyone in my family would buy the type I wanted because it's expensive, but low and behold, I got a new camera...but not from my family. It's from someone else who's very special to me. I just want to publicly say thank you so much. I am the proud new owner of a Canon - powershot 12.1MP - digital camera. It is a beauty and it is loaded with features. I looked at a lot of cameras and asked the Best Buy people what they recommended and they all said Canon takes the best shots. I've heard that before and my other camera is a canon as well. However, this one is so much better. The pictures I've taken are awesome and I'm having fun playing around with all the features. I can't wait to get to Costa Rica and take some amazing pictures. Here are a few of my practice shots...

There's a black and white setting, which I am in love with!
You can color swap, meaning, make green leaves's so awesome, this looks like a fall picture but it's not, it was taken yesterday with the bright green leaves.
By far my favorite feature is this one, the color accent. You can pick a color to stand out and the rest is black and white. It's pretty awesome.

No more sun can shoot right into the sunlight :)

This camera has a 24x zoom, which is pretty great, most have a 3x zoom so you can be really far away and still get great shots.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love it and promise to take great care of my camera!!!

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