Monday, February 18, 2008

Crunch Time!

For those of you who were fans of my former blog you are aware that I hired myself a personal trainer in January. It's a little more than I would like to spend but some people just need a little extra guidance to get started and I'm one of those people. If I didn't have appointments with my trainer then I wouldn't be going to the gym as often, even though I tell myself I need to. For the first month I haven't really seen any results, partly because I didn't really work on my eating habits. I've started changing that now too (it's hard to change that part of your life) and supposedly, according to my trainer and my friends, there's a difference. Yay!! I've started noticing little things like increased strength and endurance and I can touch my toes finally (something I've never been able to do). It's great to know that the hard work is doing something.

I have a little less than 4 weeks before my family cruise and it's crunch time. I will be sportin' a bathing suit and I need to look good. I'll be pasty white for the first few days but a couple days in the sun will take care of that. I might even get myself a spray tan before I go just to have a little base of something before but who knows. Today I ordered a couple of new bathing suits and I can't wait to use them at the beach. Yay for traveling!! I'm only grateful that the cruise ship has a gym because I can't get out of the habit. Plus, if you've ever been on a cruise then you know all the wonderful food they have so I will be a gymoholic while I'm there. My extended family is going to think I'm crazy but oh well...I'll look good :)

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