Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jamaica Anyone?

Right now I have a roommate from Germany who works for an airline. We are planning to go on a cruise of the Caribbean the first week of April together. I'm also going on a cruise with my family 2 weeks before my vacation with my friend. Tonight we were talking and she said she had a few days off the week I get back from our family cruise so we are trying to decide whether or not to go to Jamaica. If we go then I'll stay in Miami and wish bon voyage to my family and meet my traveling buddy at the Miami airport and head to Jamaica. Then, when we come back home for a few days and head down to Puerto Rico for our next vacation. I'm pretty sure I'll be broke when all my travels are done. But hey, you only live once right? Has anyone been to Jamaica...where should we be sure to go visit? We'll be flying to Montego Bay so if you have any hot spots let me know :)


The DeMarcos said...

We went there on our cruise. It was fun. There is the Dunn falls that are fun to climb up, but thats really all I know, except be careful there.

The Case's said...

Hey Amy!

Josh and I are going to Negril Jamaica next November and we are so excited. If you have the opportunity you should totally do it!

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