Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Costa Rica...Here I Come!!

I have been talking about spending the summer in Costa Rica for a while with my friends and I don't think they believed I would actually go but I just booked my ticket and registered at a Spanish Academy. I'll be taking 5/hrs of spanish classes a day from Monday-Thursday at CRLA.I looked at a few language schools and decided I felt the best with this school. After a few emails back and forth to address some of my concerns I worked it all out and I'm going...YAY!! I will be spending at least 8 weeks there from May 24th-July 19th. My best friend is getting married July 26th and being the good friend I am (I'm a bridesmaid) I am coming home for her wedding. Depending on how well my spanish is going at that point, I might go back to Costa Rica for 2 more weeks to get a little more practice in. I've been trying to learn spanish for the last 2 years (not always so diligently) and have taken 3 classes at the university level but I still suck at it. Hopefully after this summer I will be able to get over the hump I'm stuck on. Yay...I can't wait. If you've been there and can recommend any cool places I have to see let me know. I have the weekends to do my own thing and plan to visit all the hot spots, as well as try to go to Guatemala, Panama and maybe Nicaragua. Oh yeah, the best part is the school has a free gym so I can continue to work on my fitness and not lose any progress I've made...which, I've lost 3 inches to date :)

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