Monday, January 28, 2013

Janathon Day 28

This morning started with the best text message.  It announced that the county I teach in was canceling school due to inclement weather.  The best part was not even knowing there was a threat of bad weather.  I planned on getting up around 5:45am to go for a run and the text came around 5:30ish.  Normally I would have gone right back to sleep, but of course I was wide awake!  On any other day I would be fighting with my alarm.  I ended up going back to sleep for a couple of hours.  If you lay in bed long enough you can always fall back asleep.  It was a great morning.

The plan today was to wake up, go for a run and then do the first set of workouts from the Brazilian Butt Lift Series I bought last week.  What ended up happening is my boyfriend called and also was given the day off so we ended up spending the afternoon together.  It was great.  We both had things to do so I didn't stay the whole day and made it back in time to do my butt lifting :)  I didn't end up running because I ran 6 miles yesterday and wanted to give those muscles a rest.  Maybe I'll be lucky and I'll be wide awake at 5:30am again and will get my run in the morning.  If not, then I will be doing it tomorrow after work and will be also doing my butt lift series as well.

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