Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

So, we rang in the new year 2 weeks ago but it's better late then never :) My new year was fun, nothing spectacular but I enjoyed it. I've never been the type to go to parties and dance the night away. I prefer staying at home or a friends house, watching movies, playing cards (or on the Wii), eating and having a relaxing time. This year was no different. I rang in the new year with the "boyfriend" and his family.

I know I've been behind on my posts lately but I never know what to write about. I want my blog to be a travel blog and it has been but since I started working full-time, the travel adventures are few and far between. The next big adventure will be spring break and that's in April. Then, I'll get 2 months in the summer to play somewhere international. It's looking right now like it'll be a European adventure but no definite plans yet. I'm just trying to replenish the travel funds from last year's Costa Rican adventure, once that fund is up a little more I will make solid plans. This year will be a little more fun because I have a travel buddy!

Right now, the biggest thing going on in my life is my graduate application to George Mason. I will have my application finished and submitted this week. I'm applying for my doctorate degree. I have my fingers crossed that I'll get in!!

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