Monday, September 22, 2008

You're my national monument

In one of my classes I have a group of 3 boys who are best friends. They are great but they can get a little chatty. They are the 3 amigos, or at least that's what I call them. Anyway, I did this activity at the beginning of the school year where students pick partners for various places around Washington, D.C. and when I want to do a partner activity I can just say, "okay, meet your partner at the white house or the Jefferson memorial or whereever." One time I said, "meet your partner at the national monument," and one of the boys said to the other, "you're my national monument." The way he said it was so adorable and I couldn't help but laugh. I think it's great that 3 guys can be so close and not feel stupid when they act silly. It's great. And, not to mention, I think "you're my national monument" is a great compliment to give a significant other. I'm also partial to the phrase, "you're the cheese to my macaroni," from the movie Juno.

For fun, here are some pictures of my classroom. I actually had a horsehoe set up last week and loved it because it's a great way to walk around and cut down the talking, but we're having IOWA testing this week and when we aren't testing, I don't like rows so this is what I have this week. I love my room! I even love the foldable acordian walls because they are magnetic and it's easier to hang stuff. Also, it's kind of fun to hear the other classes sometimes. Our 8th grade is a cozy little family :)

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