Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watch for falling objects...

I neglected to post last week, surprise, surprise. First year teaching is rough. I love it but it wears me out. Although the guy I', dating has been out of town for two weeks so it's been really nice to have down time and more time to relax. Haha, as much as I love spending time with him, it's hard to make time for other people right now so I feel like I've accomplished a lot more lately. I've finally been able to get a caught up (I felt so behind, but I wasn't really) and get ahead of myself, which is a great feeling in teaching. I do have a funny story to tell from last week. I was teaching my students about precincts and voting districts and I used one of my handy wall hanging maps to demonstrate. When I went to put it up, the whole thing fell on me if front of my class and made a huge crashing sound. Haha! The weird thing is I didn't even put away hard, it just came crashing down. To top it off, like 3 teachers came to see if everything was okay. That was nice they were concerned but how embarrassing! Well, I wasn't that embarrassed.

The next day, someone from my homeroom went into my room and either farted or let a stink bomb off because stunk so bad in my room during homeroom. To solve the problem, all I could get my hands on was Axe cologne. Haha! My room smelled like a teenage boy who hasn't learned how to gauge the amount of cologne to use yet. When the other students trickled in they would say "it smells like axe in here," which sounds a lot like something else. That made for a lovely morning.

Let's see, I think that's the higlights from the last 2 weeks of teaching. I love my job so far. My students are great and I think it's going to be a great year. They seem to be really into the elections and politics so far and that's always nice to have students excited about the curriculum. Back to school night was last night and that went really well too. Yay!

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