Friday, September 19, 2008

Disclaimer...Bad Grammar

I just wanted to mention that the last few blogs I've posted...actually, probably all of them since June, I haven't gone back to read them to check for errors. Sorry! There's always so much going on so I'm lucky if I have the time to write a post so I just wanted to apologize for the low quality of posts lately. I will work on that and form some sort of schedule for myself to stay up to date with my posts since I know I have a few loyal readers...thanks :)

Also, I have a bit of good news. I had someone come for the county to "observe" me. She wasn't there to do an evaluation or anything but she came to provide support in instruction and classroom management if needed. She goes around to visit it all the new teachers. She gave me a great review and told me my classroom was very organized and she was very impressed...yay! I do have to preface with the fact that the class she saw was an honors class and they were doing an activity with laptops and watching videos on propaganda techniques so it was a lull day, the perfect day for an obsevation :) But, I feel pretty lucky with my classes thus far. My kids are great and we are having a lot of fun least I know some of them are.

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