Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally, the last of Costa Rica

Wow, I suck at blogging these days and as a request from my sister, I'm updating it at 4:30am because for some odd reason I'm wide awake. I started teaching full-time this week and as a result, have no time for anything. But, I'll get to that later. Here are the last of my pictures from CR. I miss that place!! One of the last things I did before my sister came to visit me in Costa Rica was white water raft the Pacuare River with a school mate, Jeff. It was awesome and we fell out and everything. I loved it!

Before the rafting trip we went to this awesome little restaurant that was up in the mountains and as you can see from the view, it was gorgeous...and a little bit cold! But, I'm usually cold so that's not a surprise.

My sister came to see me for about a week. It was fun for her to come. I had a great trip but went through some difficult personal matters so it was a huge relief to have her there and have someone familiar with me there. Here are some of the highlight photos...

I know it's just a butterfly but I hate bugs...

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