Wednesday, May 28, 2008

La Clase de Cocinar

Title Translation: Cooking class. The school I'm going to here offers cooking classes every Wednesday so students can learn how to make traditional Costa Rican dishes. It's pretty awesome. Today I learned how to make corn tortillas. They are actually really easy. I'm totally going to make some for my friends and family when I get back, along with the other fun stuff I learn how to make.My favorite part of Costa Rica so far is the food. It is excellent and I hope that I don't get fat while I'm here. I need to start walking to school instead of the bus. I've planned to every morning but it's been raining all the time here! I wasn't quite prepared for that but I'm still having a good time. Today has been good so far. I rode the bus to and from school all by myself (yeah, I'm a big girl now). Later tonight, I'm going to a place called the Jazz Cafe with some friends. Hopefully it's fun :)

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