Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hoy Es Mis Cumpleaños!

Title Translation: Today is my birthday! As of today, I've lived for a quarter of a century. I've been looking for to the big 25 since I turned 21...only because after 21, the other birthdays aren't super exciting and I'm pretty sure most people don't look forward to those over the hill milestones. However, at 25, you can rent a car at cheaper rates and, have reduced car insurance. Although, I'm not too sure my rates will drop a lot with my lovely record :) Anyway, today is my birthday and I'm in Costa Rica. I will post more stories later. I have class until 2pm, then I need to do homework. After school I'll come home, eat, change and go out on the town. I'm going to go to the jazz cafe with some friends I've met here. It should be fun.

By the way, sorry for my lack of pictures on my posts, I'm still getting a feel for how safe it is to be carrying a camera, especially since mine is super nice. But, I think it's A-okay so I will post more in the future. However, it pretty much rains here all the it is right now, so I'm not sure how beautiful those pictures will turn out. Come back later to read more about my birthday adventures.

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