Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jazz Cafe

Last night for my birthday a few friends I met at school and I went to a place called the Jazz cafe. It's a little bar/jazz club. We took the bus down there and walked part of the you can see, it was raining. I've pretty much gotten used to the rain at this point. I'm here in the winter and that's how it is. Although it's not sunny, which I'm sad about, I kind of like that the weather is cooler. It's a little colder than I was prepared for but I guess it beats sweating through all my clothes. The group we saw playing was called "escats" and they were very good. I guess they are considered jazz but not quite. I'm not exactly sure how to classify their genre. I really liked them a lot. I'm going to have to figure out when they're playing again and go watch them. Here's a picture of the lead singer. He played the keyboard and the piano all night. I think I developed a little crush on him because of his piano skills. He also sang happy birthday to us because there were a few others celebrating their birthdays. I wasn't able to get it on a video though, dang it! He played the piano very well and sang beautifully. If you're ever in San Pedro/San Jose, Costa Rica, be sure to visit the Jazz won't be disappointed.

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