Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sea Day!

If you've ever been on a cruise then you are aware of "sea days." When you leave your destination, for us it was Miami, it usually takes a day or so to sail to your first stop and then after going to a few stops you might have another sea day to head back to the final destination. I love sea days. After going to 3 different countries and trying to see as much as you can there in one day you get tired. Plus, after stuffing your face with the endless amounts of food on the cruise, it tends to take a lot out of you. Or at least it did me. I was trying to eat healthy for the last 3 months so a week of junk was a little heavy so I was ready for a day to relax.

The purpose of our cruise was a family reunion so on our sea day we spent a lot of time together. We met in the buffet (of course we did) to play cards and dominoes. I also spent a lot of time working on my tan...I couldn't come back from a cruise and not have a little color :) In the evening we all met for dinner and then posed for family photos afterward. That was an interesting undertaking. To the right is just the cousins.My idea was to have everyone where black shirts and jeans and almost everyone did except as you can see from the photo in the right, my dang sister had to go and where white shorts. What was she thinking? Oh well, at least we have a picture of everyone. My aunt also ordered us some family t-shirts, which were awesome, so we got a shot with all of us wearing that too. The gang's all here!
Here's all the real cousins, with no significant others...we were having fun.
My brother, sister and me...I think I might be adopted!

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