Friday, March 7, 2008

We Got 2nd!!!

Two posts ago I said I was stressing because of school and the after-school work I was doing with the step team. It's hard on my patience at times to stay dedicated to helping the girls my step team stay motivated because they range from 11-14 years old and have other things on their minds. To the left is my some other students that help out a lot. Tonight my team, aka, "Dip-Set" competed in "The Ultimate Challenge" at one of the nearby high schools. It was my teams first competition and they rocket it. We won 2nd place in the middle school division. Below is the video of my teams routine. They were awesome and I'm so proud. I felt like a Mom or something. Haha...but seriously, I thought they were great and they got a lot of compliments from other schools. They couldn't believe it was their first time performing. We have a show in April and I think we have what it takes to get first next time around. Stay tuned. Do it Dip-Set!!!

The High School next to us has a special relationship with our school and our step team has become their mascots. Over the last few weeks one of the "D-Block" steppers came to our practices to help us out. I couldn't get all of their routine on video because my memory card was full but here is a clip. They rocked it too and got 2nd place in the high school division...they should have got first but I wasn't judging. Go D-Block!!

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