Monday, May 9, 2016

Workout, Eat, Sleep, Repeat... - IMNC Training Week 3 & 4

Roxy has done a few
short runs with me
Tri training is no joke!  I already had experience with it because I trained for Muncie 70.3 last year, but I guess I forgot just how hard it was.  The mileage that I'm doing now is similar to the peak training that I was doing for Muncie, except I was off for the summer.  When I hit the high mile workouts it wasn't so bad because all I had to do during the day was workout.  It's even more challenging this training cycle because I'm also actively trying to work on my dissertation.  Needless to say, my time is extremely limited.

It has been pretty exhausting and I'm looking forward to my summer vacation.  I am also terrified of my peak training weeks because I'll be back at work when those hit.  The last 2 months of training will be brutal though.  Yikes!  I'm trying to take it one week at a time, sometimes one day at a time, and have to actively try to not worry about peak training yet.

Love my pool!
Lately, I feel like all I do is wake up early, workout, go to work, workout again, eat and then go to bed. Seriously though, that's my life.  I am getting to bed extremely early most 8-9pm early.  If I don't then there's no way I will wake up by 5am to workout.  If I don't wake up to work out then the motivation struggle hits me hard after work.   If I don't get my workout in before I go to work it's really difficult for me to make it happen after work. If I have a double scheduled for than then it makes it worse because doing 2 workouts after work is not always possible.  It's very important that I get my sleep so I can get up and complete my scheduled workouts.

Halfway through a 50 mile
bike ride...that awful helmet
has been retired!
My priority to sleep has resulted in giving up a lot of social time.  I kind of needed a break from that anyway so it's been nice.  But, as a single girl everyone expects me to be out and about so I can find that special someone.  All I have to say to that right now is "Meh."  I've received some push back from friends because I'm "not putting myself out there enough."  Completing an Ironman is a lot more important than dating is to me, at least for right now.  I have to believe that the right person would be understanding and supportive during this time and want me to complete this goal as much as I do.  If they don't, I'm not interested.  Honestly, I'd rather be single than in a relationship with someone who isn't going to support this very huge goal of mine.  I realize it's a lot to ask of another person and sometimes requires sacrifices as a result.  The right person would get it, I think.  I'm pretty happy with where I'm at though and don't lose any sleep over it.  It only even comes up because my friends ask about my dating...ALL THE TIME!  Enough about that though!  I did have to throw in a quick a plug because this blog does happen to be titled "The Single Girl."

I'm still fighting my natural urge to be lazy and did not complete every single workout on my schedule.  I don't know why it's so hard for me.  Week 3 was hard for me.  I struggled to hit all my workouts and am disappointed in myself for that.  While I was struggling with motivation, I came across the video below.  It was the perfect reminder for why I'm doing this and helped me finish the week stronger than I started.

Week 4 was rest week.  I love rest week!  Because of slothfulness in week 3, I was extra diligent in week 4 and made sure I completed everything I needed to.  It felt great to know I could follow through.  My runs during rest week were sluggish, but all the workouts are dramatically shortened.  It's always a welcome change of pace.  I did run a little more than was on my plan for week 4 because I cut my long run short on week 3 short.  That's not ideal, but I wanted to get the miles in.  Overall I feel like I'm doing well.  I've seen some gradual improvements in my fitness and am able to hit some of the speeds I did last summer.  That made me extremely happy.

Roxy and me walking
after a run
Stats for Week 3: 
Swim - 2.61 miles
Bike - 50 miles
Run - 17.01 miles
Total Mileage = 69.62 
Total Time =  8:35:21 hours

Stats for Week 4:
Swim - 1.99 miles
Bike - 38.31 miles
Run - 19.02 miles
Total Mileage - 59.32
Total Time = 7:26:00 hours

Grad School update:
I made a little progress with my dissertation too.  It wasn't as much as I hoped, but any progress forward is a success.  I finally locked in all the members of my committee, which is something I'd been dragging my feet on.  I met with my methodologist and she gave me some great tips that have been really helpful.  I think I'll be able to get a lot done in the next few weeks with those tips.

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