Thursday, May 30, 2013

Race Re-cap: Cascades 10k Firechase

On May 28th, 2011 I began my running journey.  I had been running sporadically with my friend Zoey.  We would meet once or twice a week and run on the treadmill.  One day we decided to sign up for a race to help us stay motivated and stay on track.  We looked at a race calender and found the Cascades 10k Firechase. It was a little farther than we we had been running, but it was local and on my 28th birthday.  I figured that it would be a great way to celebrate my birthday.  I had also been envious of my friends who ran in races and wanted to do that too.  I knew that if I didn't just start, then I never would.  I ran that race in 2011 and had the best time.  I was one of the final finishers, but I didn't care.  It was one of the best days of my life.  It made me feel so good about myself.  I knew I was finally doing something I had always wanted to do.  It also lit a fire inside of me and I wanted to run more races.

The day before the race I stopped by the Cascades fire station to pick up my number.  It was on the way home from my house so it was very easy.  I was elated when I saw my race number.  I have a weird thing with numbers.  For starters, I don't like odd numbers so I'm always happy when my race number is even.  The reason I was particularly delighted by my number is because it seemed significant to me.  On May 25th, 2013 would be the 2 year anniversary of my running journey (2 is the first number) and I was 28 when I ran my first race (the last 2 numbers).  It's silly, but I thought it was cool.  

Race Day:
I had invited local RFRC members to run in the race and come to my house for a BBQ afterwards if they were in town.  Most of them could not make it, but I was lucky to get a few runners.  I also talked my friend Haley into running it with me.  She has never done a race and is training for her first half marathon in August.  The race fit perfectly into her training plan.

Haley and I
On race morning Haley came to my house and we went extra early.  She was super nice and got me a headband (I love them) with "Flirty 30" embroidered on it. She also gave me a few sports beans and a really nice card.  It was a nice surprise.  I normally wouldn't go to a local race over an hour early, but Haley had to register and she was a little nervous so getting there early helps with that.  I remember how nervous I was when I ran this race the first time.  When we arrived we went to the registration area and then we walked around and waited for the others to arrive.

The other ladies that came to the race included Anne, Traci and Zoey.  Anne also wrote a race recap of this race on her blog.  I talked Zoey into joining RFRC too a month ago.  I want Haley join as well, but she doesn't have Facebook so that won't work.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a pre-race photo with all of us.  We did all start the race together, but quickly separated after we crossed the start.  Everyone runs their own pace and I didn't expect anyone to run with me.  I did stick with Zoey for the first 4 miles.  I wanted to do better than my 10k time last month, but wasn't overly concerned by it.  I just wanted to go with how I felt, enjoy the day and reminisce my running journey.  

Traci and her son, one of my students, made this sign for me.
It's the first sign I've ever had at a race. It was so fun to see it
along the course :)
The course is a double loop, which normally I'm not a huge fan of, but I like this course.  Since I live in the area there were a few people I knew who were running.  That's always fun.  I even saw two of my students running. They passed me :)  I think it's great they are getting an early start into racing.  I wish I would have been running at a younger age.  Running has made me stronger, not only physically, but mentally too.  It has made me realize my self worth and be proud of who I am.  Maybe I would have made a few different decisions in life if I had the same self-worth and confidence I have now.  

I ran with Zoey for 4 miles and then she got a little ahead of me.  She wanted to go a little faster and I didn't.  My body was tired.  However, I did still manage to make another PR.  I took an additional 1:40 off my 10k time.  That was also unexpected and I was happy.  When I approached the finish line Zoey was just crossing the line and Anne and Haley were at the side cheering.  Haley beat me!  I was so proud of her.  She had an awesome finishing time for her first race.  She has been dedicated to her training and I am not so I can't be sad to come in after her.  It's just one more sign that consistency breeds success. Plus, the more you run the more you realize it's all about being yourself.  I beat myself again so nothing else really matters.  
After the race we posed for some post-race photos, went to get some drinks and snacks and then found Traci!  She missed some of the pictures :( 
L to R: Anne, Haley, Zoey, Me
Yes, I would!
I love pictures!

After the race I went home to freshen up and then had a few friends come over for a BBQ.  It was small, but that's exactly how I wanted it.  It was just a few of my closest friends.  Two of my friends, Logan and Amanda helped me plan and brought some cool decorations and yummy food to share.  I also provided some BBQ food as well.  It was a great day over all and I'm happy to be moving into my 30's.  I love the Cascades 10k and hope to run it for many more years to come. 

Logan's lovely decorations
Delicious cupcakes that Amanda made for me.  I LOVE turtles!

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