Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catching Up!

It's seriously not that fun to try to catch up on all these blog posts I have to do. I still have like 8 more places to write about. When I'm in Costa Rica this summer I have to stay on top of my blog entries more. To any of you world travelers, how do you stay on top of it?

Also, I have to let you know the changes in itineraries. As much fun as all my plans were to go on two cruises, Jamaica, Hawaii and to Costa Rica with about a week in between each, I realized that trying to finish my master's degree at the same time was not working so I have canceled my trip to Jamaica and Hawaii until further notice. So sad :( It's good though, I have a month to work and save some money before I head to Costa Rica for two months. Also, I'm dating someone (YAY!) and don't want to keep leaving all the time, but enough about that for now.

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