Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Upcoming Itineraries!

I'm going on a few trips in the next few months that I'm pretty excited about. The first trip will be a family reunion cruise with all of my Dad's family (9 of the kids are going with their spouses and kids)! I think we will take up half the boat!! We leave out of Miami on March 15 and come back on March 22nd. We're going on the Norweigan Sun cruise boat. We will be stopping at:
- Roatan Island, Honduras
- Belize City, Belize
- Cozumel, Mexico
- Stirrup Cay, Bahamas
I'm looking forward to spending the week with my aunts, uncles and cousins. Look for pictures in March.

My next trip is also on a cruise with one of my girl friends. We're flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico (I love that place) on March 30th to leave on our cruise and returning on April 8th or 9th. My friend and I are going on the Carnival Destiny cruise. We will be stopping at:
- San Juan, Puerto Rico
- St. Thomas, USVI
- Dominica
- St. Lucia
- Antigua
- St. Kitts
- Barbados
We're going to have a blast. I just hope I have a nice base tan from my first cruise so I can lay out even more on this one. Caribbean beaches here we come!

When I come back from that trip I'll be home for a week or so again and then I'm off to Hawaii for 11 days. I'm going to Oahu and Maui. My friend is getting married and I had enough frequent flier miles to go so I thought...why not? I lived in Hawaii for two years while I finished my undergraduate degree and I can't wait to go back. It's been almost for years since I left there and Hawaii has a special place in my heart. I only hope I have the willpower to come back home because I'm sure I won't want to leave!

After I get back from Hawaii I have to work some to make up for all of my travel expenses and if all goes to plan I will be leaving for San Jose, Costa Rica on May 31st for the entire summer. I'm going to be attending a Spanish language academy. I've been trying to learn Spanish for a while now and I really need to be fully immersed in it to finally get it down. While I'm there I plan to visit Panama, Guatemala, and Nicaragua...if money allows. This trip unfortunately is not already booked so it's not for sure. I'll keep you posted. I don't think it will be a problem but you never know, it's still 4 months away and a lot can happen in that time. I look forward to blogging about all my future travels!!

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